Smart Homes

SPRNGPOD turns homes into smart homes resulting in a seamless living experience while also improving your property value.

  • Smart thermostats that save 35% energy and Smart locks that provide friction-less access
  • Smart cameras to keep a watchful eye on pets and the perimeter
  • Smart lights and blinds that help you save energy
  • Smart notifications that help you prevent wastage of electricity
  • Eliminates the need of a hub which in turn helps in saving on capital expenditure
  • A hub-less/speaker-less design that doesn’t eavesdrop, securing your privacy and available at a completely reasonable cost

You Need Only -

  • SPRNGPOD app
  • Smart locks, smart thermostat's, nanny cameras
  • SMART Plan

Visitor & Package Management

SPRNGPOD provides residents and pre-authorized visitors with seamless control over entry and access to the lobby, mail room, utility area’s and parking spaces of your community.

  • Residents can generate digital keys & share them with visitors.
  • Visitors can reach out to residents/concierge/property manager via video calls.
  • Potential tenants can do a self touring of the apartment.
  • Digital signage adds to new advertising avenues.
  • Eliminates the need for FOBs/Keys/RFID cards making property management more efficient and cost saving.
  • The tech is as cutting-edge as it gets but as easy to use as you can imagine.

You Need Only -

  • SPRNG Intercom app on your smart gadgets
  • SPRNG Entryphone app on a Android 10” tablet
  • Smart Controllers
  • Engage Plan

Remote Viewing & Touchless Self Guided Tours

SPRNGPOD’s web app provides uncomplicated online sale/renting of living spaces.

  • Eliminate the unnecessary paperwork, web forms and schedule a tour instantaneously
  • Prospective clients just have to press ‘Click to Call’ to reach out to the sales/support staff
  • Clients can keep their numbers private
  • Top-notch video quality that allows for a comprehensive remote tour of the premises
  • Property developers can work with less resources and at the same time deliver more value
  • Digital keys can be availed to get access to the property

You Need Only -

  • SPRNGPOD web app
  • Smart locks

Digital Concierge

SPRNGPOD brings multiple in-building and neighborhood services on the resident's mobile phone eliminating the need for on property concierge staff and yet upscales the property.

  • Residents can place online orders using their own smart phones for in-building services
  • Schedule bookings at the BBQ, gym, pool or party hall without the hassle of calls or emails
  • Order pizza, groceries and much more from the nearby mom and pop shop
  • Book appointments with a dentist, chiro or spa quickly
  • Reach out to the property management staff in a couple of clicks

You Need Only -

  • SPRNGPOD app
  • Partnerships with local businesses

Smart Spaces

SPRNGPOD helps transform any space (common areas) in your building into Smart spaces

  • Property Managers can Setup, Manage and Control various smart assests like light, accesscontrol, thermostats via a simple to use dashboard.
  • Manage alerts on CSAT, Energy and Water consumption and take pro active/corrective action.
  • Retrofit existing infrastructure with smart devices without ripping off existing infrastructure/ with minimum upgrades.
  • Saves multi-family 1000’s of $ in cabling , devices, backend systems operating and energy costs

You Need Only -

  • SPRNGPOD app
  • ECO Plan

Digital Signage

SPRNGPOD hands multi-family operators and condo boards an exciting additional revenue source

  • Stream advertisements on smartphones, TVs or any display screen on the property
  • Advanced data analytics to better understand resident preferences and upsell them products or services through your own marketplace.
  • Push targeted promotions to residents and add to your revenue
  • Strategic deployment of notifications at lobbies, elevators, gyms and other suitable locations.

You Need Only -

  • SPRNGPOD app
  • Android LED/LCD displays
  • ENGAGE Plan


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